“House Of Cat” Episode 2

Welcome to the “HOUSE OF CAT” Season 1: Episode Two. Ivey sinks her teeth into the new candidate for the Florida Governor seat and she’s beginning to set her plan into motion. But how far will she go to gain more power, and just who might get hurt along the way?

Starring: Monique Wilburn, Erica Lee, Nika Ukhurgunashvilli, Antonio Sherman, Psy Clone, Kookie Owens and Redhead Barbie A Brooklynn Winters Film


Directed by: Brooklynn Winters and Virginia Torres

Starring: Monique Wilburn, Erica Lee, Nika Ukhurgunashvili, Psy Clone, Antonio Sherman, Virginia Torres, Redhead Barbie, Kookie Owens, Maritza Izquierdo, & Ozella Harrison.


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